Foreign Mission Adventures

Making the Most of Opportunities to Serve – In Foreign Lands

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all, even for just a few weeks? How about turning that desire into the trip of a lifetime?  Foreign missions – short term or long term – provide exciting ways to use your talents to help people in need.  You can name your preferred time commitment and choose from most countries in the world.  Then begin planning your trip of a lifetime.  Read about missions trips in the blog posts to the right.

Short term foreign missions trips present unique opportunities to travel to exotic places. Some trips are not typical vacations because when you arrive, you get the opportunity to teach children, build a house, put a new roof on a school,  climb mountains to remote villages, hold church services, or teach adults in hot, thatched huts in the tropics.

Travel to foreign countries is always an adventure

Okay, maybe it isn’t the equivalent of lying on a white sandy beach with turquoise water lapping at your chaise lounge.  Not even close.  However, it can be a breathtaking, amazing, unbelievable opportunity that you will remember forever.

Two missionaries would love to have you come visit and help reach people with the Good News of the Gospel.

Reaching Kids International – ministering in Thailand, Ukraine, Cambodia, and other countries we can’t mention for safety purposes.  Contact

Within Reach Ministries – ministering in China, Thailand, and other countries; encompassing unreached people groups in the 10-40 window of the world. Contact

Guatamala, Mexico, Israel, Russia, India, Africa – all have people waiting to meet you.  Check with your church for missionaries they support who might welcome you and your group to join them. Many more overseas ministries in all parts of the world can be found by searching “short term missions destinations” in Google and deciding on who you want to travel with and where you want to go.

Read some of the stories on the blog posts that were written about travel in Africa and imagine that you are the one climbing the mountain or traveling rutted roads to reach distant villages.  Before long, you may find yourself drawn to your own trip of a lifetime, making the most of opportunities to serve.



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