Welcome to TrekAnywhere.com, a blog initially a blog about travel. It has morphed into a blog about making the most of opportunities to serve.  The basis for information here is found in Joshua 1:3 which says, “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you…” (KJV) The truth is that you can Trek Anywhere – across the street, into the city, around the world – and accomplish the great things God has in mind for your life.  Many opportunities await you in vastly different arenas.  There is something for anyone who wants to maximize their opportunities to serve.

Long for adventure?  Read about Foreign Missions.

Love kids?  Click on Foster/Adopt.

The Little People page contains quirky comments Claudia Thomason has heard as a foster parent.

Claudia is an award-winning writer.  Her second book,  Kindergarten Lessons I Learned in Africa (2013, Xulon Press), is about her adventures as she traveled to, from and in Africa as a missionary.  Her first book was You Can Be Debt Free (1988).

Do you have a short story to share as a missionary?  Do you have tips, tricks and victories to share about fostering or adopting? We would like to post your stories on the blog if they fit with this site. Send them to trekanywhere@gmail.com as an attachment to your email (Word doc only). We will review it and contact you.

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The banner photo was taken in Kenya, East Africa.

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